Wooden Flooring

In comparison to other indoor options available, Wooden flooring requires quite a bit of investment to begin with. However one can consider this a one time investment as the flooring can easily last for 25 years in comparison to a life of 5- 10 years of other systems. It is also renewable, in the sense that a regrinding and re-polishing can bring it back to pristine condition. Wooden FlooringThe Wooden Flooring is generally made of Maple wood 20mm thick, 56-100 mm wide laid over wooden runners 35mm x 60mm which rest on 11mm rubber air pads, which in turn rest on a PE moisture barrier. The maple wooden pieces are joined together in a tongue-and-groove fashion. Nailing is done on the tongue of the plank, so that the nails are not exposed. The runners are Deodhar/Pine or similar wood. The wood may be of varying width and length but each line will be of the same width. All wood will be anti-termite treated. The runners are laid horizontally across the court from wall to wall and rubber cushions are fixed under them.

Net Posts

Contact us for any requirement for Net Posts (including Nets, of course).


A relatively new product, Simple to install, they require no fixing, they just snap together and the entire surface can be removed if so required. The tiles provide a non-slip, all weather surface which is visually stunning.

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Self Draining Surface: No more puddles on the court after it rains
  • Numerous color options
  • Durable enough for multiple uses & sports
  • Free floating, No adhesives or anchors
  • Superior traction for player performance
  • Custom logos, linings, and graphics available
  • UV stable
  • Long service life
Wide range of applications:


Can be used for basketball, tennis,

racquetball, weight training, aerobics,

outdoor futsal, handball, volleyball,

badminton and roller hockey.

Material: High-impact polypropylene copolymer