Sadul Club-Bikaner

The club management reposed their trust in us after approving the quality of our outdoor tennis court and gave us a much awaited opening into a new product, namely, indoor synthetic with mat cushion for two Badminton Courts.

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, Delhi University

A unique project on the banks of a huge drain, the entire area of14400sq. ft. had to be raised by 4-1/2ft. The construction of the retaining wall was a project in itself. Containing 100s of tonnes of earth filling was a massive job.

Maintenance Equipment

You need to water down and sweep out you courts at least once a month, or more often if you are in a dusty environment…. These 2 simple tools will help you out..

Frogg System

Frogg System is an all weather liquid acrylic coating system with or without rubber crumb in-filled in situ. It is formulated to provide shock absorption and a sure grip for maximum player comfort. The surface is suitable for most outdoor sporting activities, with special emphasis on Tennis, where ball bounce is of prime importance. It is designed to be laid over both Asphalt and Concrete basesFrogg System is available in a variety of colours. TheFrogg System system is designed to be a low maintenance product and requires minimal user intervention. However it is important that the court be kept free of dust and other loose particulate matter in order to maximise the life of the court.Frogg System has a high performance acrylic formulation to deliver sharp line markings and retain brightness over the years. More detailed application and maintenance information can be provided on request, keeping in mind specific climatic conditions of the installed location. An ISO 9001:2008 Certification and classification by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) have contributed in making Frogg System one of the leaders in the field. Apart from this we have other systems for specific needs which we can design on request. The preferred base for Frogg System is asphaltic, but we have an excellent system for concrete if the need arises.


When the Sun goes down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that so does your game.

Today, many working people can only pursue their sporting hobbies in the evening when they come back from work. If their neighborhood facility lacks lighting, then they are deprived of even that pleasure. So if your goal is to provide maximum convenience to your members or even to maximize your revenues from a commercial sports facility, an adequate lighting system is must.

We can provide you tailor-made solutions for your needs, just give us a call.